Xinpuguang 3m 2.5mm² Extension Solar Cable with PV Connector

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1 Pair 3m 2.5mm² Solar Extension Cable with Solar Female and Male Connector
(Adapter Extension Connector Tool for Photovoltaic Solar Panel)

1. 2.5mm sq PV cable.
2. TUV approved, Double XLPE cover
3. Dual-wall insulation, electron beam cross-linked
4. Excellent resistance to UV, water, ozone, liquids, salt, general weathering
5. excellent wear resistance
6. halogen-free, flame retardant, low toxicity
7. Excellent flexibility and stripping performance
8. High current carrying capacity
9. color: black
10. 5-year manufacturer's warranty from date of delivery.
11. Designed life: 25 years.

1. Executive Standard
PV cable (solar cable) refers to the original draft made by the PV system cable work team of the German Standard Committee (Technical Specification 2PFG1169/08.2007in Rhein TUV company German).

2. no-halogen PV Cable Type
PV1-F: Tin Plated Flexible Copper Wire No Halogen PO Insulation & Sheath Photovoltaic System Cable.


*Applied to solar panels for power generation and related components of the wiring, connection, particularly suitable for outdoor use.

*Resistance to sunlight, anti-aging, With the layer of smoke halogen-free fire retardant materials, higher grade, more safety.

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