Xinpuguang 21W Solar Panel

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    Maximum Power: 21W
    USB Output: 5V /3A
    Unfold size: 835*290*5mm
    Fold size: 200*290*32mm
    Weight: 0.89kg
    Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
    Solar cell:Monocrystalline

    Fast & Efficient Charging: 21W folding solar panels use MPPT regulator box with USB, Maximum output of 5V/3A from USB,faster-charging efficiency, and conversion efficiency.

    Portable & Lightweight: With compact size (folded 11.41x5.26x0.98 inch ) and lightweight (1.962lb) design, the foldable solar panel charger is small and light enough to fit into any camping backpack, hiking daypack, They’re also good for stashing in an emergency kit.

    High Conversion Efficiency: The high-efficiency of Monocrystalline solar cells that reaches 20-22% of conversion efficiency while providing enough power rate.

    Compatibility and wide availability: It can be widely used in travel, camping, mountaineering, movement on foot, cycling, leisure, sports, and other outdoor activities.Compatible with iPhone , Android ,iPad,Tablets, power bank ,Camera ,5V devices etc.

    【What You Get】: 1 x 21W solar charger, 4 x Stainless hooks, 1X 1 in 3 charging cable, 1 x User manual

    How to use 5V devices such as mobile phones

    1. Insert the USB charging cable into the USB output port of the folding solar panel.
    2. Plug the other port of the USB charging cable into the device that needs to be charged.
    3. Place the foldable solar panel in the sun and try to make the panel face the sun as much as possible to prevent obstruction by obstruction.


    1. This product must not be in contact with highly corrosive substances.
    2. It is strictly forbidden to modify, disassemble, reassemble, drop, knock or violently hit the junction box and the product by yourself, avoid stepping on it, and avoid scratching the surface with hard objects during use.
    3. A large number of scratches or dirt on the surface of the solar panel may result in low power of the solar panel, which may lead to serious burns.
    4. The suitable ambient temperature range for this product: -20°C-60°C, please do not exceed this range.
    5. 20W refers to the power of the solar panel, which is consistent with the battery capacity of the power bank. The capacity of the power bank is not equal to the actual output power of the USB port, because there will be some loss in order to maintain voltage stability and safety of equipment during the charging.
    6. Keep the solar panels away from sharp objects and avoid pressing.
    7. Output of this outdoor solar charger depends on the intensity of sunlight. For optimum charging effect, please place the charger in direct sunlight.
    8. This solar panel charger does NOT store power, you will need a power bank to store power or connect to your device directly to charge.

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