Solar Panels

Commonly used tools for cleaning solar panels include high-pressure water guns, soft brushes, and cotton mops. These tools are cheap and easy to use.

If there is only a little dust on the surface of the solar panel, we can rinse it with a high-pressure water gun.

If there are granular contaminants such as sand and mud on the surface, you can first use a high-pressure water gun to wash away the particles and then use a soft brush to scrub to prevent the particles from sticking to the solar panel.

If there are viscous contaminants such as bird droppings and oily contaminants on the surface, wipe it off with a clean cloth, clean it with Glass Cleaner, and finally rinse with a water gun.

It should note that in the process of using the high-pressure water gun. Please pay attention to the pressure of the high-pressure water gun. Excessive water pressure may cause damage to the solar panel.

To clean the photovoltaic panel, wipe it with a soft cloth or mop.

When cleaning solar panels, pay attention to the following points:

1.Turn off the inverter before cleaning.

Turn off the inverter and stop the photovoltaic system. It is best to clean in the morning or evening and avoid cleaning in high-temperature periods such as noon to avoid damage to solar panels.

2.When cleaning, pay attention to avoid using hard and sharp objects to directly touch the solar panel.

3.Do not step on the solar panels, brackets,and other parts, which may damage the power station and affect the service life. Because the silicon wafer in the middle of the photovoltaic panel is very fragile. Gravity is likely to cause cracks.

4.Avoid cleaning during the peak period of power generation.

When the photovoltaic system is operating efficiently at noon in the summer, the surface temperature of the photovoltaic panel is very high because it has exposed to sunlight. If you suddenly wipe it with a damp cloth. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The material inside the photovoltaic panel will undergo irreversible changes. It leads to damage to the solar panel. Avoid using sharp objects to wipe the glass surface. It will destroy the surface layer and affects the diffusion of light. Finally, it will affect the power generation efficiency.

In winter and other rainy and snowy seasons, it is generally sufficient to clean it once a month (if there is snow accumulation, it should clean in time), and it can be cleaned twice a month for the rest of the month. Windy and dusty areas such as the northwest need to determine according to specific conditions.

It should note that soapy water should not use when cleaning modules. Usually, when we wash our hands with soap, there will be a thin film on the hands. Similarly, after cleaning modules with soap, a layer of film or residue will be left on the surface of photovoltaic modules. It will also keep on the surface of the photovoltaic module. A layer of film or residues will encourage dust to adhere and accumulate more quickly, affecting the power generation capacity of the power station. In addition, other corrosive cleaning agents should not use.

Generally speaking, cleaning solar panels is similar to cleaning other objects. Please pay more attention to the above points.

It recommends keeping it cleaned up in about half a month. It can significantly improve the power generation of the solar panel.

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