Xinpuguang 50W 12V Flexible Solar Panel kit

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Product Information


Maximum power(Pmax) :50W

Open circuit voltage(Voc) :19.2V

Short circuit current(Isc) :3.74A

Maximum power voltage(Vmp) :16V

Maximum power current(Imp) :3.12A

Cell efficiency: 19.8%

Temperature range :-20℃~+80℃

Weight :1.2KG(2.64lb)

Size :1060*277*3 mm(41.73X10.9X0.11in)

Standard Test Conditions : irradiance 1000w/m2,Temperature 25℃,AM=1.5

10A charge controller
Battery voltage:12V/24V auto
Charge current:10A
Discharge current:10A
USB output:5V/2A
Operating temperature:-35~+60 ℃
suitable for :lead acid batteries, lithium ions
Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse


Efficient High solar cell efficiency: Monocrystalline 19.5% Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments

Easy installation

With 3M double sticky tape or screw or zipper to fix the flexible solar panel on the roof or the carved board. There are waterproof junction box and connector


Waterproof charge controller giving you more freedom to install anywhere in your boat 7-preset battery options, including lithium-ion! With a flex range of up to 248 degrees, this panel can meet a wide range of applications where standard panels can be inconvenient to mount, such as on the curved roof of an Airstream


Multiple electronic protections Rigorously tested, the 50W panel was designed to withstand extreme wind of up to 2400 Pa and snow loads of up to 5400 Pa


The warranty is in effect from the date of purchase for 2 years.


suitable for installation on curved surfaces such as RVs, yachts, trucks, etc.

Warranty Information
25-year power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate
2-year material and workmanship warranty

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