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solar panels


Are you ready for a short trip? Take out your mobile phone, and search camping lights, then search.......... Hey, don't you think you forgot something? Energy can never be constant. Something must charge it! If you are tired of noisy engines, why not try solar panels? This kind of equipment, which can see the energy absorption directly, seems to be more reassuring. Flexible solar panels are lightweight in design compared to conventional solar panels, can be easily used in charging equipment and can be used independently of the power grid. We will tell you all the information you may need to know before you purchase flexible solar panels.


What is a flexible solar panel?


Flexible solar panels are also called thin film panels. They are flexible portable solar panels. You can use them on outdoor vehicles, RVs, boats and rooftops.Flexible solar panel technology can generate solar power through ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible panels. In fact, portability is their main selling point.


How do flexible solar panels work?


Flexible solar panels work much like conventional solar panels because they are based on the same photovoltaic technology---the ability of a material to generate solar energy from direct sunlight absorbed by the material. Flexible solar panels sound much better than rigid solar panels, but they also have disadvantages. Flexible plates usually have 5%-10% less power than rigid plates. But the energy it produces has met your needs.


What are the benefits of flexible solar panels?


Flexible solar panels are more than 300 times smaller than standard solar panels so they can bend and keep their function. It is not only smaller than ordinary solar panels, but also has many other advantages. Let`s take a closer look at the advantages of the flexible solar panels:


Simple installation


Flexible solar panels can be installed using magnets or tape Simple steps, convenient installation and suitable for outdoor use.


Portable and light-weight


Flexible solar panels are lighter and easier to carry than rigid solar panels. Because there is no need for drilling or any brackets. If you are worried that your roof will not be able to withstand the heavy load of traditional solar panels, lightweight and flexible membrane panels may be a good solution because they are light enough not to crush your roof.


Super flexible


Flexible solar panels can adapt to different structures. It is flexible to unusual surfaces. Flexible solar panels can perfectly match curved surfaces such as yachts, ships and RVs.




Solar panels can reduce the running time of engines and generators, reduce air pollution and obtain rapid return on investment. It can be used as the main power source outdoors or as the first choice to start off-grid life.


What is the cost of flexible solar panels?


The cost of flexible solar panels usually depends on their size, quality, efficiency, material capacity and even brand. Prices range from several hundred yuan for single panel equipment to several thousand yuan for multi-panel equipment. You can consider the above factors before purchasing.


What should I pay attention to when choosing flexible solar panels?


When you decide to purchase flexible solar panels, it is recommended to consider the following factors for whatever purpose:




This is usually the first criterion for selecting suitable flexible solar panels. The higher the power, the more devices can be plugged in. At the same time, it takes longer to charge. But of course wattage is related to cost. Which watt you ultimately choose usually depends on your needs. If you are an outdoor enthusiast or travel long distances, it is recommended to use high power.




Generally, it means that the efficiency obtained by flexible solar panels at their peak can be converted into energy.

XINPUGUANG flexible solar panels can generate 16% more power. In addition, we use CIGS technology to improve the efficiency of flexible solar panels; The more expensive the CIGS investment, the more worry you have, the higher the long-term income.




It depends on the quality of the material used in the panel. Better quality means you don't need to replace new ones frequently and don't have to spend more money. Besides, waterproof is also an attractive place. This becomes necessary if your solar panels are easily exposed to the outside.


Bending angle:


As a flexible solar panel, a larger bending angle means more room to play. It is more convenient for you to adapt to various needs in different places. We are proud to say that XINPUGUANG has the largest bending angle on the market. We can even roll up the panels and carry them anywhere.




The good news is that the installation of flexible solar panels is mainly done by oneself. In fact, most products can be simply attached to your RV using tape adhesive or hook and loop. We provide a user manual to explain it in detail.




Because the solar panels that are often taken out, the lighter the weight, the better to carry. Our new flexible solar panels weigh only 1.84 kg, which is only 1/4 of the weight of rigid solar panels. The same function is more portable.




Although we have guaranteed the quality of our products, it is definitely more reassuring than no shelf life. We offer an 18-month warranty for flexible solar panels. Once you encounter some problems, you can contact us for help. XINPUGUANG has a unique one-to-one service to guarantee your every purchase.


It can be said that flexible solar panels are definitely a breakthrough. Whether you want to provide the best charging source for your RV boat or camping, we recommend that you use flexible solar panels. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions when purchasing flexible solar panels.


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