Notices before You Put Solar Panels on Your roof

When people refer to residential solar panel installation, we often see that more and more household choose to put solar panels on their roofs. In that way, it greatly reduces your electricity bills. But Before you choose the roof for your solar panel placement, however, there are a few things you should know. Let’s have a look!


Solar panels on roof slopes


Most homes have a roof that slopes in one or more directions.When identifying the part of your roof for the installation, choosing whichever one offers the most continuous surface area may seem tempting. However, the direction the slopes face can make a significant difference in the productivity of your panels. Most solar experts recommend installing panels to face directly south. This direction maximizes output throughout the day. It’s possible to do both or to set up a ground test before permanently mounting the panels.


Solar panels on roof type variations


What model of roof do you have?The installation method varies slightly for each type when it comes to mounting:

·Standing Seam Metal: Homeowners often worry about installing solar panels on metal roofs, but this is one of the best options because it requires no drilled holes. Instead, installers use clamps.

·Corrugated Metal: To install this, you use the same galvanized screws used in the original roof installation and fit them into brackets designed to follow the curves of this roofing type. You then secure the racks to the brackets and the panels to the racks.

·Asphalt Shingle: Bolt and flashing installations attach solar panels to racking systems while reducing the risk of leaks. The bolts then attach to the roof rafters.

·Flat Roofs: If you have a flat roof, you may need to consider a tilted ballast mount system. This relies on the weight of cinder blocks to keep everything in place.


Timing and solar installation


When was the last time you or the prior owners replaced the roof? Depending on the type of roof, it will last for roughly 20 to 50 years. Meanwhile, solar panels last for about 40 years before production drops so low that you need to replace them. This makes it ideal to time the two installations together. Another good reason to combine the two is that a roofing company may install solar panels for less than if you tried to get them done separately. Not all roofing companies are willing to install solar panels on roof structures, so be sure to shop around and ask the right questions.


Solar panel and shade


One of the top reasons some roofs get ruled out is the presence of shade. It’s important to consider more than just whether trees hang over the roof. Even trees further away can cast shadows on your solar panel and significantly reduce productivity. Sure, you could trim the trees or cut one or two down. However, if green initiatives are important to you, this is counterproductive to your overall goal. The environment relies on trees to clean the air and encourage rain production. It’s often better to move the solar panels than remove the trees.


Solar panels and type


There are two main solar panel types: monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. You can quickly identify monocrystalline panels from their black color. These panels feature individual silicon crystals. They cost more than polycrystalline panels because they are more effective, perform better in hot weather, and last longer. Choose these when space is an issue, and there is little room for further growth. Polycrystalline panels feature several pieces of silicon crystals that have been melted and rejoined.These panels appear blue. While they are less effective, they still do a decent job producing energy. Use these when your budget is a more significant issue than long-term productivity, and you have room to grow your solar array.


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