How to increase home`s flexibility for solar panel installation

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In the past, solar panel installation may be a hard and cost thing for some new solar starters. Is roof or ground is better for solar panel installation? Homeowners with solar panels are spreading the word about how to save with clean, affordable, and reliable energy. It’s true that solar panel installations are more affordable than ever, and that traditional energy has become more expensive than ever. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people are sharing their experiences with going solar, and creating a sizable boost in demand as a result! 


If you’ve heard the rave reviews and are interested in going solar yourself, the question then becomes: are all solar energy systems the same? Is every solar panel designed to be a good fit for all houses? If you have questions, you’re in good company. XINPUGUANG is as passionate about solar education as we are about solar installation. In this quick guide, we will explore residential solar systems and the different applications that allow for increased flexibility when adding solar to your home.


What is a solar mounting system?


A solar mounting system is a rack that holds your solar panels in place. These mounting racks can be easily installed on a roof, structure, or even the ground to provide a secure base for your solar system. There are different mounts for different needs, such as flat, angled, and ground mounts. The more experience your solar provider and installer have in the industry, the more they will think in configurations that maximize the solar energy available on your home. Complex solar installations require an expert hand to design, oversee, and implement, from the first design to the installation and throughout the lifetime of your system. You’ll want to be sure to select a solar provider with years of dedicated solar experience, one that works with their customers to produce customized systems that perfectly meet their needs.


Flexibility works for you


These days, there really is no excuse not to go solar, if you consider just how flexible and adaptable solar systems have become. There are a variety of panel types and mounting systems that can be used in combinations to help even the most complicated installs go smoothly. There are even different systems for different styles of roof, like flat roof and sloped roof mounting. No matter what your installation area looks like, the experts at XINPUGUANG can help you with a design that fits like a glove.


Solar mounts and racking


To get those beautiful solar panels situated on your roof, we use mounts and racks to hold them in place. The mounting allows the panels room to tilt, optimizing their access to the sun’s rays based on location, season, or even time of day. You can mount your solar to the roof, as is most common, or you could consider using a ground mount for your solar panels. If you have unused land on your property, ground mounted solar is a great option for you. The solar panel mounting brackets are incredibly durable, and can withstand wind, rain, and other elements.


Finding the right mix


You may have different styles or slopes of roof on your home, or you might have a non-continuous area that requires you to install solar on different parts of your home. Luckily, solar panels can be configured to work together, and with the right installer, you can determine the appropriate racks and mounts to allow your new solar energy to flow seamlessly. We use our experience and ingenuity to design custom solar systems for our clients, ensuring that no matter what the setup, we can provide you the best value and most optimized production.


Going solar is perhaps the most impactful way to lower your carbon footprint as well as your bill. There are options for all sizes and shapes of homes and roofs. We will work with your needs, home, and budget to build the best solar energy system for you. Talk to XINPUGUANG to discuss simplifying your solar energy installation process!


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