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Since the beginning of this year, the domestic oil price has undergone several rounds of adjustment and is still at a high level. The chain effect brought by high oil prices continues to affect relevant markets. Nowadays, whether it is four-wheel or two wheel, electric vehicles seem to have become a more favored choice for consumers, and the tepid electric bicycle market for some time has also ushered in a new opportunity for development under the upsurge. With the policy guidance of energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon peak, green travel and the promotion of upstream and downstream development of the industrial chain, the electric bicycle market still has great growth potential.

Why are e-bikes so popular? Design is very important. E-bikes can be equipped with different types of batteries. At present, lithium batteries are common in the market. Chargers and lithium batteries are specially matched. Usually, they can be charged with a household power supply. Can other power supplies be used to replace them? Is it stable and reliable? It is estimated that some car owners have thought about this problem. Here I tell you that the idea is very good and completely feasible.

The problem of power supply can be solved only by installing photovoltaic solar panels and equipped with special charging piles. Roofs, courtyards and balconies can be installed. If conditions permit, the installation in the courtyard is better to facilitate charging. On this premise, it can be built into an outdoor rest place integrating shed, pavilion and charging, so as to truly achieve multiple uses of one thing.

Xinpuguang flexible solar panel is the first choice for installation in this regard. This flexible solar panel adopts high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 21%; With good flexibility, it is tightly sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof and lightning protection, and can be installed on curved or inclined surfaces. Featured with high gloss and light transmittance, the material is light and ultra-thin, and the surface panel can be customized. Xinpuguang flexible solar panel can provide auxiliary electric energy for various vehicles. It is a green, clean and low-carbon renewable energy and the first choice for low-carbon life. It can not only save travel costs, but also charge small household equipment when there is plenty of electricity to save electricity expenses. I hope you will not miss such a practical, leisure and entertainment lifestyle of energy conservation and emission reduction.

This product has a good market response and a good experience. With it, your car can be protected from the wind and the sun. You also have a warm and comfortable space. XINPUGUANG insists on creating green, clean and efficient solar energy products, focusing on the needs of users, ensuring your charging needs, helping you ride more smoothly. The product quality can stand the test, and the after-sales service is online throughout the process. If you want to change your power consumption structure and relieve the pressure of household electricity, why not have a try. XINPUGUANG will live up to your expectations!

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