Xinpuguang 100W Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panel

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Maximum power (pmax): 100W
Output tolerance: ± 3%
Maximum voltage: 700V DC
Open circuit voltage (VOC) :24V
Short circuit current (ISC): 5.5 A
Maximum voltage (VMP): 20V
Maximum Current (IMP): 5A
Operating Temperature (NOCT) degrees: ± 2 degrees
Temperature range: -40C~+60C
Size: 860*680*3mm
Colour: black
Standard test condition: lrradiance 1000 W/m^2, temperature degrees deg am = 1.5

1. High efficiency for monocrystalline silicon solar battery is the power efficiency of traditional polysilicon about 1.3 times, total area is smaller in the same power.
2. Latest components packaging technology of the more thin, lightweight, and soft Fox and longer service life.
3. Surface is made of PET to anti-wear and ask and to improve sunlight absorption efficiency is treated with special process agitation.
4. High light transmittance, safe and reliable and not afraid of high temperature and it burns or there is no danger of explosion.
5. Junction box IP67 waterproof main shaft and bypass. Diode and circuit including the overload and reverse current protection main shaft speed.
6. Solar special cables and PV connector used for transformer. Outdoor use is safe and not waterproof and has high-temperature resistance and resistance after ownership. PV connector is used, plug and play are so easy.
7. This product is the solar module. Controller and battery with use are recommended. Home, camping, RV, hunting, street light, and solar plants such as various scenarios can be used in.

★ This product is corrosive substances and contact or intentional damage.
★ Junction box and use the product need to modify, disassemble, drop or bump or while on the surface step on or scratch the surface by hard objects.
★ solar panel on the surface of any scratches or dust, the solar module is inefficient and can cause serious fable.
★ This product is suitable for ambient temperature: -20°C-80°C, no more than this range.
★ The solar panel is like sunshine and shadows where set maximum sunlight. Shadowing the Sun from solar modules FFU with the painting can cause danger.
★ The product of anode and cathode is connected with the forbidden and it is to put in water or fire. Otherwise, the goods may be damaged.
★ The solar module of full power, the controller of power (Rated voltage X rated current) lower than before. Controller and overload are strictly prohibited competitive prices.
★ A controller connected to a solar module of the total voltage controller of the solar input voltage must be within range.
★ Inverter controller for direct connection without a battery can only connect.

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