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You might have heard that location, location, location is everything in real estate. But, did you know that the same applies to solar panel installation? It’s true. Location is everything when it comes to installing solar panels. If you’re wondering where those locations are, Xinpuguang will go over the best placement of solar panels on your home in this guide.

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The Roof

Not surprisingly, the rooftop of your residence is the best location for solar panels as it gets the most sunlight. The only caveat is if your roof faces north. Facing north, the solar panels will not be able to capture enough sunlight to generate electricity. That’s why you see solar panels on south-facing roofs where they are exposed to the most sunlight in a day. Your solar panel installer will install the panels so they are facing “true south” as opposed to “magnetic south”. You can get away with installing solar panels on east or west-facing roofs, you just may need to add bigger panels or more of them.

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On the Ground

Even if your roof is not south facing or is capable of holding panels, you still have the option to install solar panels on the ground. Or, if you don’t like the aesthetics of solar panels on your roof, this is a good option to consider. With this alternative, you have two options for installing: standard ground mounts and pole mounts.

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The Side of Your House

If the roof is not optimal for solar panel placement, and you’re not thrilled with the panels being on the ground, then another option is to install solar panels on the side of your house. If you have a wall or a garage that faces south, some homeowners utilize this option for installing solar panels on their homes. If you are going this route, contact your homeowners’ association for zoning details to make sure you are able to do this.

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Other Areas

If none of those options will work for you, it’s time to get creative. Some areas to explore for home solar panel installments are: a garage or shed, an awning or overhang. Do you have a gazebo, carport, pergola, or solarium? Those areas can work with the right installation. Xinpuguang has the experience and knowledge to let you know if any of those areas will work for you and your home’s solar system.

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