Under the Energy Crisis Buyers Solar Capacity Need to Expand

Under the Energy Crisis Buyers Solar Capacity Need to Expand

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The clean energy category is strongly related to domestic and foreign policies. Starting around 2005, China's domestic photovoltaic industry began to take off. Now, for more than ten years, it has not only a complete market environment, but also a complete set of industrial facilities. It is also one of the few horizontal strategic category in China that can participate in international competition and achieve leadership.


On the international front, the European Union released a " RepowerEu " energy plan in May . The main body of the plan basically revolves around renewable energy and puts forward relevant goals. The United States announced in early June that it would suspend anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imports of solar cells and modules from four Southeast Asian countries for a period of two years. In the four countries of Southeast Asia, many Chinese new energy companies have set up factories there.


In terms of the market, taking the solar energy category as an example, from the data of previous years, the solar energy category is a category strongly related to seasonality. When the weather is hot, its sales will go up, and when the weather is cold, the sales will go down.Some sellers will have doubts. Is this category short-lived, affected by the energy crisis, or will there be market growth in the next few years? It is safe to say that even in the absence of geographical conflicts, the growth trend of the solar category is very optimistic. The data for January and February of this year show that it also showed very good positive growth before the geopolitical conflict. And in September, the weather abroad was already cold, it should go down, but it is still going up.


Many people may think that solar energy is mainly used on industrial and commercial roofs. But in foreign countries, in addition to national infrastructure or industrial and commercial roof construction, individuals are actually a very large user group. For example, it is used on the roof of the house, and in their garden, such as Europe, Australia and other places, the family garden area is particularly large. In addition, solar energy will also be used in yachts and RVs. It may be unfamiliar to Chinese consumers, but in foreign countries, especially in the United States and other countries with very large RVs, the application of solar energy in RVs is also very extensive.


From a global perspective, in countries such as Australia, Canada, and Germany, consumers have a very strong awareness of renewable energy, and the use of clean energy in personal homes is relatively common. The average installation cost of solar photovoltaics has dropped from more than 4,000 US dollars in 2010 to more than 800 US dollars in 2020, which is beneficial for both the b-end and c-end solar product sellers.The clean energy category can be subdivided into whole-home solar and portable outdoor energy storage.


The whole house solar power generation system : the core is four products, one is the solar panel, the function of the solar panel is to absorb light and heat. The other is the inverter, which converts DC power to AC power, as well as the battery and the controller. These four products make up the entire solar power generation system.


The demand for expansion is reflected, one is solar panels, and the other is batteries. There are three typical types of solar panels with high sales volume, flexible panels, folding panels, and glass panels. The glass plate is an evergreen model, because it is more used on the roof of the house, and the head seller is out of stock, resulting in a certain price increase.


Therefore, in the context of the energy crisis, the market demand for clean energy such as solar energy is constantly expanding, pay attention to XINPUGUANG and learn more about the market and industry trends.


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