balcony solar plant

balcony solar plant

Is It Really Worth to Install Solar Balcony?


It is common to see many people who install a solar system want to achieve their energy independence. And some people may also ask: Is it possible to achieve energy independence through a balcony panel? Obviously not, but some savings can still be made.


Many think about setting solar panels to reduce the increasingly high costs of bills that inevitably arrive in the mailbox. And who can’t do that because they don’t live in a detached house and have to submit to the decisions of the apartment complex? The solution, at least in part, exists and is represented solar panels for balcony.Why partial? One balcony light panel, even intuitively, it cannot produce all the electricity needed for the needs of a household or office. However, his contribution to easing the bill could be intriguing. Let’s see why.


Solar panels for balcony, how do they work?


Little balcony photovoltaic system consists of one (or more) team able to “capture” solar radiation through the silicon cells of which it is composed. These cells absorb photons and generate direct current. Paintings connected to reflector a device that converts direct current into alternately. It makes it available for use by any home appliance.


How much energy do balcony solar panels produce?


Usually a file balcony light panel has a strength rating 300 watts or a little more, and can produce nearly 400 kWh shook his head. Each plate measures (more or less, depending on the manufacturer) 1.70 x 1 meter, weighing about twenty kilograms. Having a balcony long enough can be installed three to reach an annual production of approx 1200 kWh. overcome, however, 800 watts The bureaucratic simplifications that we will talk about later will waste energy, and fall into the installation of a common photovoltaic system.


Estimated average electricity consumption of an Italian household 2700 kWh per year. There is enough physical space for installation two panels (assuming a theoretical yield of 400 kWh x 2 panels) It can cover about 25% of the annual energy requirement. The problem is that the yield we mentioned means in ideal conditions, which is exposure to the south, for as many hours of sunshine as possible per day and a mile at least 65 degrees compared to the occurrence of sunlight.


On the balcony of an apartment building, even if it is well exposed, it is difficult to get constant solar radiation throughout the day.


The cost of photovoltaics panels for balconies and tax deductions


The cost of a single panel depends on the quality of the unit. Usually, prices range from as low as 300 EUR, a maximum 600 euros. For incentives, you can access tax deduction of 50% of expenses incurred, which can be recovered in 10 years through a tax return, or (some operators do) by transferring a 50% credit to the person installing the panels, with a deduction on the invoice.


Pros and cons of photovoltaic panels for balconies


Installation of one or more solar panels for balcony (or a railing if you prefer) definitely useful for save on your bill provided that some points are taken into account. If you don’t want to resort to balcony panels, let alone use a balcony light system, an alternative to saving on your bill consists in change the power supply.


the reason? It is suggested by many operators Fixed Price Offers that allows you to defend yourself from constant increases. In any case, among the hundreds of prices available, there is definitely one that will meet your family’s consumption needs. How to choose the right price if you are not an expert in this sector? Simply by relying on a comparison tool, waste of time? no one. And the advice is Free and without commitment. The following are the advantages for having a small balcony photovoltaic system:


·Small size: single panel takes up very little space;

·Reduce consumption: There is a small saving in the bill, in fact, it is around 90€/year per plate. Obviously in optimal conditions;

·mobility: Some boards are smaller (but also less robust) than those mentioned in this article and can be taken with you on a camping trip, boat, second home etc.


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balcony solar plant

The Balcony Solar Panel Power Plant  is a miniature photovoltaic module for producing electricity for your home. Equipped with an AC plug and an integrated inverter. Simply plug it into your outlet and it generates its own electricity and connects to your home's grid.

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