Solarparts 200W 12V Flexible solar panel kit

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.
  • [Excellent performance] High efficiency monocrystalline solar cells offer good performance even under poor light condition,Including bypass diode, circuit with input overcurrent protection, reverse protection design
  • [Flexible] This flexible solar panel is a good choice for curved surfaces of RV, boat,sailboat, yacht,truck, car, coach, cabin, camper , tent , trailer, golf cart or any other irregular surface.
  • [Practicality] Light energy converts electricity, Practical and suitable for use in areas where electricity is not available and where the city cannot reach, such as mountains, marine, deserts, and remote areas.
  • [Lightweight] Ultralight and Ultra-thin ,Better applied to the carrier with weaker bearing, attached to the surface, no space,easy to install,
  • [Nice Details] The water resistant semi-flexible solar panel is far more durable than traditional glass and aluminum models, The junction box is sealed and waterproof.
  • Solar Panel Specification

    Maximum power(Pmax): 100W

    Maximum system voltage :700V DC

    Open circuit voltage(Voc): 21.6V

    Short circuit current(Isc) :6.66A

    Maximum power voltage(Vmp): 18V

    Maximum power current(Imp) :5.55A

    Cell efficiency :19.5%

    Weight :2.0KG Size :1175**540*3 mm

    Standard Test Conditions : lrradiance 1000w/m2,Temperature 25℃,AM=1.

  • Solar Charger Specification

    att voltage:12V/24V

    auto Charge current:20A

    Discharge current:20A

    USB output:5V/2A


    Operating temperature:-35~+60 ℃ suitable for :lead acid batteries, lithium ions Build-in short-circuit protection,open-circuit protection,reverse

  • Solar system kit wiring method and precautions

    1.The solar system kit connection is divided into parallel connection or serial connection. The controller must be first connect the battery , and then connect the solar panels.

    2.When the solar panels are connected in series or in parallel, paid to the highest PV input voltage of the controller. The voltage connected in parallel to the controller after the series connection cannot exceed the maximum input voltage of the controller.

    3.The total input power of the solar panel can't be greater than the rated power of the controller, otherwise, there is a risk of burning the controller.

    4.When the cable is connected to each component, the connection should be stable and there should be no looseness.

    5.The positive and negative poles of the controller and battery should be checked clearly. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles.

    6.When the power rating of one controller is insufficient to meet all solar panels, multiple controllers can be simultaneously connected to the battery.

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