Solarparts 12 Volt 400 Watt Flexible Solar Panel 40A Controller Solar RV Boat Yacht Kit

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1. The solar system kit connection is divided into parallel connection or serial connection. The controller must first connect the battery and then connect the solar panels.

2.When the solar panels are connected in series or in parallel, paid to the highest PV input voltage of the controller. The voltage connected in parallel to the controller after the series connection cannot exceed the maximum input voltage of the controller.

3. The total input power of the solar panel can't be greater than the rated power of the controller, otherwise, there is a risk of burning the controller.

4. When the cable is connected to each component, the connection should be stable and there should be no looseness.

5. The positive and negative poles of the controller and battery should be checked clearly. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles.

6. When the power rating of one controller is insufficient to meet all solar panels, multiple controllers can be simultaneously connected to the battery.

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