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Xinpuguang 330W 12V Solar Panel kit

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(Pmax) Maximum power :330W
(Voc) Open circuit voltage:21.6V
(Isc) Short circuit current :20.1A
(Vmp) Maximum power voltage :18V
(Imp) Maximum power current :18.3A
Cell efficiency :19.50%
Operating temperature :45±2℃
Temperature range :-20℃~+80℃
Weight : 9.5kg
Expand Size :3090*680*5mm(121.68′*22.8′*0.19′)
Folding size :680*510*35mm(22.8′*20.07′*1.37′)

Packing listing:
1. 1*330w solar charger
2. 1* 12v/24v/30A controller
3. 1* Anderson cable
4. 1* Anderson+ alligator cable

* Folding solar panel
* Portable and Light Weight
* USB output for charging mobile phones
* Water-resistant design
*can be charge 12v battery and USB electronic Simultaneously
* Used for battery charging, camping, traveling, outdoor, etc.
*Monocrystalline solar charger

Warranty Information
25-year power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate
2-year material and workmanship warranty

With high-efficiency ETFE flexible solar panel, solar charger controller, and cables integrated into one kit make the solar panel charging kits smallest space and lowest weight. After folding and fixing in a bag, it’s easy to take whether to put it into your car boot or somewhere in your car. With a charging controller, you can charge your car battery directly or with USB output to charge your mobile phone, camera, MP4 player.

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