Xinpuguang ETFE 500W 12V Flexible Solar Panel kit v1

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Rated Power 100W
Solar cells Monocrystalline
Operating Voltage(Vmp) 18V
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 21.6V
Short circuit current (Isc) 6.06 A
Working current (Imp) 5.55A
Max System Voltage 1000VDC(IEC)/600V DC (UL)
Temperature range -40 Degree to 80 Degree
Dimensions 1175*540*3MM
Weight 1.7kg(3.7 lbs)
Charge Controller

Super light
Including a 0.025mm thin anti-ultraviolet protective layer. The total thickness is less than 0.1mm.

Strong light transmission

The 95% transparency provides excellent efficiency in the conversion of light to electricity.

Surface adhesion

ETFE has non-sticky surface characteristics. Highly antifouling and easy to be washed by rain.

The life span of ETFE can be up to 10 years. Anti-aging, strong and durable.

Corrosion and high temperature resistance

ETFE is highly resistant to seawater corrosion. uitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C. Can be installed safely in hot climates.

1. 5pcs solar panel
2. 50A charger controller
3.1 sets cable with PV connector
4.1 sets cable with Crocodile clip line
5.1 sets 5 in 1 connector

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Customer Reviews

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Evangeline Gorczany

Compact works great

Titus Auer

This is a good subsystem purchase. All you need is a deep discharge12volt battery and an inverter and you'll have some electrical power after there isn't any. Portable, this package is light weight delivered by the postman under his arm. You can hang them in the closet at home or in an RV. The wiring and controller work. Geometry may require longer lines for your installation or deployment situation. Lots of utility.

Nathanial Ebert

I have not installed any solar products before and was very apprehensive about it, thinking I would have to have the system installed at a great cost. I especially didn't want to drill a hole in my RV roof. However, after measuring carefully I found the best spot to drill near a vent and did so, and was able to run the wires down the back corner of a closet and into the battery storage compartment. From there it was easy to go up the wall to mount the controller, using wire channel all the way down the closet and up the wall. Fastening down the flexible panels was a bit tricky with butyl tape, but it all worked out great. I have a steady 13.8 volt charge on the deep cycle battery, which is enough to run my small refrigerator constantly. The controller that came with the package does not get hot like was mentioned in the product info.

Sean Heaney

Xinpuguang ETFE 500W 12V Flexible Solar Panel kit v1

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